What makes a great salesperson
I came across this article and book and thought I would share with you all.
Every business owner needs to improve their sales skills and these are some great strategies in how to do just that.
What do you think? Do you have anymore to add to the list?
1. Be enthusiastic
2. Be persistent
3. Have courage
4. Behave with integrity
5. Have chutzpah
6. Listen
7. Don’t take rejection personally‎…’next!’
8. Make the calls
9. Ask for referrals‎ from clients. (‘Can you help me?’ – four very powerful words.)‎
10. Make a goal
11. Prepare
12. Know your product
13. Keep sales production records
14. Use storytelling
15. Think big
16. Be self-motivated
17. Be self-disciplined
18. Think ‘out of the box’
19. Be serious and fun!
20. Service your clients‎
21. Smile – if you see someone without one, give them yours!
22. Be active – action cures fear
23. Have self-belief
24. Be persuasive
25. Be self-motivated
26. Have a positive attitude
Peter lives and breathes these attributes, and describes how they have helped him earn, lose and earn a fortune all over again in his book Talking to Strangers. The Adventures of a Life Insurance Salesman.