Thousands of companies are started each year and thousands are closed too, so what’s the secrets to longevity and success in the business world?

This was a question posed by one of my clients I’m working with. Some would say it’s all about the product or service or about spotting a gap in the market, those are all important factors and do contribute to the overall success but in today’s start-up scene how do you differentiate yourself and the company?

I believe the true path to triumphing in the startup world is to forge ahead with a Mission that you believe in passionately, a Vision that inspires your partners, employees and customers. Build a culture that fuels creativity and innovative all in an effort to better serve the customers.

So how do you manage this? It all starts with the leadership and the change in thinking. You first need to become a transformational leader and become mission driven and change your thinking from Profit to Purpose, Hierarchies to Networks, Controlling to Empowering, Planning to Experimentation and Privacy to Transparency.

What this does is engage all stakeholders involved in the business and turn them into evangelist, raving fans and super supports whether they are internal or external customers they’ll understand and appreciate that your business is about more than making money it’s about providing value and solving a problem. Making there life better. This foundation will only grow and expand as you empower all who come in contact with you and your company and create that culture of innovation that will ultimately lead to sustainability, change and success. I wish you all venturing out into business in 2016 the best of luck and please feel free to get in contact if you would like some advice.

*First Published in The Thetford and Brandon Times