When it comes to gaining new customers its undeniable that marketing has a huge role to play, most businesses regardless of size will utilise some form of marketing whether that be their logo and branding to website and social media or just plain old word of mouth but like most things in business things change and this is the case with marketing. It’s no good any more too just promote what you do to your audience. You need to engage them and create value for them and their lives.

This is especially important for local businesses and knowing what your local customers need and want is the foundation on which you will build your platform for sharing value.

This new form of marketing is content marketing and there are a number of great ways you can get involved such as. Featuring local experts in your industry and giving your customers tips and tricks to use in and on their business, for example if you run a distribution company you might write an article or blog post about the most efficient ways a customer (Amazon, Ebay business) could post their goods to save them time and money.

This would create a value for all that read, help your customers business and ultimately build a positive relationship with all involved.

Another way you can implement local content marketing is to donate and sponsor local charities and host your own events. This is a great way to give back, raise your profile and help out the community make sure you choose the right group to support, something you and your companies believes in.

And last but not least encourage reviews and feedback from your customers. Positive reviews boost engagement and can help drive up sales by 92% according to Entrepreneur.com this is because we trust what other people say. On the flip side negative reviews are a great learning curve are given to you for free, take these on-board quickly and actively seek to build the relationship with your customers through value creating articles, sponsoring local events and seeking feedback on everything you do and your business will flourish.

*First Published in The Thetford and Brandon Times