It’s confirmed the votes are in and leave won but in the wake of BREXIT we now have to ride the wave of uncertainty.

This wave will have to be ridden and mastered by both the government and the people if they want to succeed and prosper.

So how can you ensure your business does not falter and fall? How can you make sure you continue to trade and do business providing, a stable environment for your employees, customers and all stakeholders?

Simple. You need to ask for permission!

And it is as simple as that. The concept is easy to understand and if you have time I’d recommend Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing.

So how does something as simple help your business in this time of uncertainty? Well its builds trust. Thinking about it would you buy a product off a company you did not trust such as a car? No matter the price if the person selling the car looks shady you would steer clear. But if you trust them it’s a whole different story and you might even pay a little more. Think about coffee, you could go to the burger van but you can’t guarantee the quality so you go with Starbucks and for that you pay a premium.

Now how  do you gain trust from your customers?  You provide value and gain their permission. Traditional marketing is sometimes thought of as interruption marketing, that ad that pops up and screams BUY MY PRODUCT but this rarely works, were exposed to almost 6000 of these adverts each day so we tune out.

On the other hand permission marketing targets the customer, provides value and lets the customer come to them. Its aim is to turn a stranger into a friend a friend into a customer and a customer into a loyal customer that if executed correctly turns into a brand advocate.


*First Published in The Thetford and Brandon Times