As we approach 2016 I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting as I’m sure many of you have.

Reflecting on the highs and the lows of the year and what could have been, thinking about what the New Year will bring and what New Year’s resolutions you will make. Maybe you’ll start to eat healthier, join a gym or spend more time with the family

But why wait until the new year I ask. If these things are important should we not start them straight away? I know that we are all busy but surely not busy enough to make positive changes to our lives.

This month I was lucky enough to catch up with my clients I’m mentoring who like many of us are overwhelmed with choices and often delay things until they are a distant memory.

But not anymore! If we start to prioritise being effective over being busy we can start to grow and develop in a more positive and sustainable way. One way I practice this is the art of 1%. Each and every day I will find time to improve an area of my life by 1% now that might not seem like a lot but over the course of a year that’s 365% improvement which is massive!

Now this is not easy to do but in time this will become a habit and a positive one at that. Many of us don’t challenge ourselves enough as we’re always so busy well not anymore choose to be effective!

The point of the 1% is to compound over time in whatever area of life you wish it too. Just think if you improved your health, knowledge or financial situation everyday by 1%. Think if you consistently did this day in day out over the course of a few years how this would affect your life.

I believe we all should improve a little everyday even if it’s just 1% to understand this more I highly recommend The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

So start living a life of purpose, choose yourself and reach you full potential.

*First published in The Thetford and Brandon Times