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Tech tip: Answer emails without the internet.

We are more productive than ever. We can communicate with people who are thousands of miles away, send them an email update on a project and even close deals with a few strokes on our keyboards. This increase in productivity is the result to one of the biggest...

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5 Laws of Gold

This isn’t an article about gold prices — it’s about the five golden rules of money. The Five Laws of Gold are classic lessons on growing personal wealth. They’re from one of my favourite books The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason. This book had a huge impact...

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The Engines of Growth

“Your business is either growing or dying, there is no such thing as ticking along”. (Dee Kumar) Throughout the ages there have been many great businesses, world leaders and game changers. Businesses that you’d expect to be around for the long haul, businesses that...

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Self-Belief: The Platform Of Success

Ever wondered why some people fail with every attempt, yet some prosper with almost pure certainty? Think about it for a second. Out of the vast number of people in this world who want to live out their dreams, only a fraction reaches their intended destination. So...

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The Inner Game

It’s often said that to be successful we have to play two games. One outer and one inner. Most focus on the later, making sure they are seen as successful, confident, outgoing and coping with tasks set with ease. But this is not always the case. So what is the inner...

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