So, you have a big idea, you want to make it work, but you’re worried it won’t be an instant success. Well, the only proven way to success, is to work, work and work! You have to be willing and you have to want it bad enough. So here we’ll break down the strategy to success, giving you the main keys.

The goal. – What are you trying to achieve, and how long have you given yourself to attain this goal? It’s important to be realistic. A little bit of pressure is good, some people thrive off of pressure, but to the point where it’s still realistic. If you think your idea/project/business will become a reality by the end of this year, have I got news for you! Set aside plenty of time, extra time, if you will. Allow time for things to go wrong, so you can create the solution.

Your attitude. – Saying negative phrases such as ‘I can’t’ or ‘it’s too difficult’ will get you nowhere! Start by changing that bad attitude! Again, keep it realistic, because saying you can do ei-can-self-motivation-cutting-the-letter-t-of-the-written-word-i-can-t-so-it-says-i-can-260x320verything is going a little too far. It’s okay if you’ve never done something before or if you don’t know how, ask and learn. Replace the phrase ‘I can’t’ to ‘Well I’ve never done it; by I don’t see why I couldn’t learn.’ It takes a bigger person to admit that they don’t know, and then doing something about it. Don’t say ‘no’, say ‘why not’. Slow yes, rather than a quick no.

Most every situation you encounter can become a learning curve; there is always room to improve yourself and to learn. The one who acts like they know everything learns nothing.

Motivation – Well, as you can guess, this links in with your attitude. How badly do you want to succeed? Are you willing to spend as much time as you have, to put it in 110% of the effort and to leave no stone unturned? Cheesy? Yes! True? Completely!  The moment you stop trying, is the moment you start slipping down, losing time, potentially wasting and losing money. You need to want success more than you want to go out drinking, more than you want sleep. You need to be hungry for it. Food for thought; whilst you’re out being unproductive, someone else is out there studying, working, learning and honing their craft becoming better.  You may feel confident in your abilities, or think you’re doing well, but “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.”

Surroundings – which do you, surround yourself with? What phrase(s) do you hear the most from these people? You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most, so let that sink in. Great!
Now are these people hard workers? Do they strive for success? Are they positive? Because if you want success, it sure would help to be around like minded people. When one person yawns, the rest of the group do too, it’s contagious, just like attitudes and personality traits.
I found that I did my best work when I came away from a group of negative people/slackers, and got into the mind set and zone of hard work. I found a mentor, who I’d talk to weekly, we’d talk about things in general, studying, business etc., his positive attitude and hunger for success instantly uplifted me and inspired me to work just as hard if not harder. These ‘slackers’ stayed together, in the safety of their group, now I’m sure you can guess how that turned out.

Sometimes you need to leave the group, stop being a follower, be an innovator, create your own path and take control of what happens. To an extent, you do control the outcome. Ditch those toxic people, and surround yourself with positive people who want similar things to you, and work hard!
Now by reading this briefly, you’ve come to the conclusion that success is based on your attitude. Yes and no. This all prepares you for getting into the right frame of mind, to open your eyes and see what’s important, to realise that it takes an awful lot of work, perseverance and effort. You need to work hard at your craft, and keep working at it until you reach your goal(s). Attitude is one thing; it takes stamina and character to keep it up. Success is not handed to you; it is not made for each individual. You make it.