Your attitude defines you as a person and helps shape your world but many of us don’t see the importance of working on building a positive attitude that will help you create positive outcomes.

Your attitude determines how you interpret events and tackle challenges. We all run into challenges but if you have a poor attitude you may find you’ll get beaten. On the flip side if you have a positive attitude you’ll most likely find challenges fun, exciting and interesting and overcome them to achieve your goal.

Here are five ways to create a positive attitude.

  1. Be grateful

We all have something to be grateful for and we should not take these for granted. Each morning reflect on what you’re grateful and thankful for. Write them down to ensure you start the day off with a positive mental attitude.

Doing this will help to build your enthusiasm for life and challenges head on!

  1. Help others

People with negative attitudes often suffer from being selfish and display narcissistic tendencies. This won’t get you far as you won’t easily connect with other people. Reach out and offer your skills and experience or even your time to help others. It’s proven that helping others boosts your moral and confidence as well as making a positive difference in someone’s life.

  1. Change your lens

People tend to have a negative attitude in life because they are fearful, ignorant or stubborn. If you change the way you look at a situation you may discover your original view was clouded and wrong. Take the time to look at each situation and think about it before judging.

  1. Cut out negative influences

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn Many of us are bombarded with negative influences, we start the day reading the “Badnewspaper” or Watching Trash on TV that fills our heads with rubbish. Or we hang around people who keep us down. What we should be doing is spending time with people who want to pull us up and see solutions not problems. So if you’re spending time with negative people maybe it’s time to move on or you might find yourself stagnating.

  1. Dream

When we were children we had big dreams, MASSIVE dreams! Anything and everything was possible so why do we stop? Studies show that some of the most successful people in the world use visualizations or dreams to focus and give themselves the edge.

I ask you to right down your dreams, visualize them and don’t stop believing in yourself. Dreams are goals you have not realised yet if you plan the actions needed to achieve them you will. So use them to build positive mental images of your future and go for it!